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Life-Changing Marriage Counseling in Ann Arbor, Michigan

by Thomson Solutions

We provide marriage, couples and relationship counseling with an emphasis on positive change and growth.  
Some common goals of marriage or couples counseling include:
Less fighting, argument and tension
More productive, useful conversations
Learning to really hear one another
Greater intimacy - emotional, physical or both
Increased understanding and respect for your partner
Making an already good marriage a truly great one
We will work with you to help develop mindfulness about yourself, your partner and the relationship.  Our role is to help each person feel heard while learning to hear their partner fully and accurately.  It is powerful when you can hear the 'plea beneath the threat' of your partner's anger or fear.  When each person takes responsibility for awareness of the problem, their own contributions to it and actively working to change old patterns, the results can be tremendous.

We all enter marriage and other relationships with a script about how things should and will go.  Some of this script we are aware of and some of it is unconscious.  Some of our story unfolds as we move through different phases such as dating, marriage and parenthood.  The therapy process helps uncover the expectations and assumptions that cause us so much distress.  The more we learn about ourselves, the easier it is to hold goodwill toward our partner. This leads to less blaming, less argument about right and wrong - a battle that never has a winner.  You can move instead toward connection, empathy and solutions.  Most fights are really about the need to feel heard and cared for.  When we 
 improve communication and heal the emotional disconnection, the marriage can feel like a safe haven once again.

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